Grand Opening of Purissima Natural Burial Ground!

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Natural burial allows your body and soul to entwine with all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer:

  • no embalming fluid
  • no concrete vaults
  • burial shrouds, pine and wicker caskets
  • preservation and enhancement of the natural surroundings
  • natural stone markers
  • hand dug burial sites



Steelmantown Cemetery was recently featured in Newsweek Magazine. Click here to read this article.



Steelmantown Cemetery is the only cemetery in the State of New Jersey certified and approved by the Green Burial Council as a Level 3 Natural Burial Ground.

Please click here to go to their website: www.greenburialcouncil.com



We are pleased to offer our beautiful biodegradable caskets to families wanting to leave a greener footprint when choosing Steelmantown Preserve as their final resting place.

Please click here to go to their website: www.finalfootprint.com




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